Yacht Designers UK About Us

As one of the pioneering traditional and mega yacht designers in the UK, we are here to tame the seas and deliver you a life of luxury.

Throughout the years we have strived to create not just means of transportation, but works of art. Vessels which reflect the lives of their owners, and which can carry them off into their dreams. For us there are three very important aspects of yacht design.


Certainly the most important aspect of yacht design: how do you want to sail? Perhaps you’re an experienced yachter and want a full rig to really control your boat. Or maybe you’ve very little experience and simple want something a skipper can cruise around with ease… And how about a rowbarge operated by 18 oarsmen?

By understanding how you want to use your yacht, we can get a sense of what you will need and how we can begin with the concepts of design.

Exterior Yacht Design

In our opinion, this ranks second in terms of importance. You can call us vain, or disagree with us, but a yacht, your own yacht, is something to be enraptured by. Its beauty should captivate you and, especially when you have a personal yacht designed for you, it should reflect your imagination and those dreams you’ve always had.

The shape, size, style, colour, lighting, finish. Everything. They all conspire to create an emotional reaction that cannot be understated.

Interior Yacht Design

Lastly but no less importantly is the interior design of the yacht. Of course, this is where you’re going to spend most of your time, so it needs to accommodate you precisely how you want it to. A boat for island hopping with family and friends will require plush interiors and suites. An ocean traversing yacht needs to be a bit more practical, but with the comforts that will make that long stay at sea more bearable.