Yacht Design Consultancy

Focusing on both exterior and interior yacht design, our yacht design consultancy services seek to make the boat of your dreams a masterpiece on the waters. By using advanced fluid dynamics imaging software, as well as our creative minds, our mantra is to make your boat as beautiful and sailable as possible.

What makes us different?

We don’t compromise on beauty, and we don’t compromise on function. The aim of our yacht design consultancy is to ensure that the yacht you dreamed of, is the yacht that you can sail the seas with. Ensuring that we remain within all budgetary constraints, and work to your own desires, our experienced yacht consultants are able to handle every aspect of your project. Or just the ones you need our help with…

Yacht Interior Design

With some of the brightest minds in interior design available, we look to turn your yacht into a personal palace on water. From the smallest details to the largest flights of fancy, we create interior design schemes that will wow your guests and create comfort you never knew existed.

Yacht Exterior Design

Whether it’s the traditional shape of a schooner that gets your blood pumping, or a five decked mega yacht, one thing is for sure. It’s the beauty and grace of the yacht’s exterior design that really makes the experience of cruising around the seas of the world.

Services Provided

  • Naval Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Project Consultancy
  • Rating Rule Optimisation

All the services above are tendered to both traditional yachts and superyachts.

If you’re looking for innovation, class and creativity. Look no further.