Argyll: Restoration & Adaptation

Nineteen twenty-nine saw the birth of the groundbreaking Dorade. A new style of racing yacht that not only placed second in the Bermuda Race, but paved the way for a whole new generation of racing yachts. The Argyll was one such part of its progeny.

Also designed by Sparkman & Stevens, Argyll is in an elite class of wooden yacht, which won the Bermuda Race in 1953. Latterly it fell to Ed Burnett to restore and adapt this classic yacht and make it fit for modern purposes in order to race on the Mediterranean circuit.


What started out as a project of excitement and fun quickly became an ordeal of passion. Burnett’s design team was brought in part way through the restoration process as things weren’t going to plan.

In order to ready the ship, and as a consequence of desired redesigns, plans changed and Argyll found herself dry docked in multiple shipyards. And though the process of restoration was a long and winding road, credit must be given to Burnett who sought to celebrate the original beauty of the boat.


In order to ensure that it was up to modern standards and usage, rig fittings and gears were newly designed to complement what remained of the originals. In addition to this, a completely new yacht interior design scheme was created to accommodate crew as well as family. The results are truly outstanding.