Gloriana Rowbarge Design

Specially commissioned for the Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Gloriana carried The Queen down the Thames alongside her flotilla in 2012. It goes without saying that a job like this carried an incredible amount of pressure and expectations, not only regarding the media attention, but in terms of certification and other practicalities.

Tasked with naval architecture, this was perhaps Ed Burnett’s most famous work and a true testament to his abilities as a yacht designer.

Gloriana Design

At twenty-nine metres, Gloriana was inspired by Canaletto’s painting of barges in the 1700s. Though inspiration was one thing, developing a working vessel was another. Rather remarkably the rowbarge was to be powered by 18 oarsmen (including Sir Matthew Pincent and Sir Steve Redgrave) as well as 2 inboard engines (powered by electricity). In addition to this, the boat was required to house a further thirty-four passengers and crew.

With construction overseen by master builder Mark Edwards, Gloriana was constructed with sweet chestnut from Prince Charles’ Estate, as well as gold leafed ornate carvings and sculpture from Polygon Scenery.

Since it first set to water, Gloriana has found herself part of the 800 year Magna Carta celebrations and the 2012 Great River Race. It can now be seen travelling stretches of the Thames and will be used in many upcoming events.