Designed by Ed Burnett and built by The Bristol Classic Boat Co., the Pegasus is a boat designed for The Island Trust back in 2008. If you don’t already know, The Island Trust is an incredibly wonderful charitable organisation started by Richard Lloyd MBE in 1946. Founded to help deserving children, who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the experience of sailing on a traditional wooden boat.

A truly remarkable charity that Burnett was delighted to be involved with.

The Design

As the purpose of Pegasus was manifold, the design process was approached with two main things in mind. She needed to be able to race and win, and she needed to also be a comfortable group sailing boat.

Elegant. Luxurious & Fast.

Simple to sail, Pegasus was completed with oak frames and larch planking as well as bronze knees. Spacious below deck, and with a lot of natural light, the boat is perfect for extended trips with young people, and with additional privacy for those who require it. Most importantly, the boat is completed with a simple rig, making it easy for the youngsters to sail with both motor and sail.