A Tribute to Burnett Yacht Design

Unfortunately the wonderful Ed Burnett sadly died in 2015, though he left behind him an incredible impact on the yacht community. From his remarkable yachts, to his reputation as one of the most intelligent designers, he will be sorely missed by all that knew him and all that knew his work.

In tribute to the wonderful vessels he created, let’s take a look at some of his finest creations.

The Pegasus

A 56’ Burnett yacht designed for the Island Trust, in order to provide life changing experiences for young people through sailing.


Built in Turkey and launched in 2011, this 83’ yacht was designed for both hands-on sailing and on-board family life.


Commissioned for the Diamond Jubilee, this was Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Rowbarge on her 60th year celebration.


A refit and rebuild of a small ship constructed by T. Neilsen and Co. in Gloucester, Burnett designed a comprehensive new internal layout


Charged with the restoration and adaptation of this classic 1946 racing yacht, the key was keeping the argyll powerful and beautifully mannered.

As you can see from just a small glimpse at his work, Ed Burnett’s yacht designs were a thing of genuine beauty and remarkable precision. His passion for sailing, rowing, the sea and just the style of boats in general is what separated him out as one of the finest yacht designers of our generation.

We only hope that this tribute will go someway to serving his memory, and demonstrating what a truly great loss to the world of yachting his passing has been.